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     Painting by Peregrine Heathcote
Jane Huxley has been recognised by Dame Beryl Bainbridge as "a clever and ingenious novelist", by Simon Cowell as a "compelling writer" and her work compared to F. Scott Fitzgerald's (Daily Express, London).

Huxley's remarkable new novel unfolds against the backdrop of an elegant suburb of Lima, Peru, as well as the lush cotton fields of Cochabamba and tells the story of a tumultuous love affair between a man and woman whose lives become entangled in an enthralling, yet dangerously complicated way.

In the spring of 2014, an English freelance journalist, Stefan Larsen, is commissioned to write an article about San Marcos University. While engaged in this assignment he meets Coral, the wife of an aristocrat and wealthy cotton magnate, an encounter that will become a personal oddyssey and change a hitherto harmonious existence.

A deeply moving tale of love, desire,rape, loyalty and betrayal.

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Publication date: 17 September 2014

Celebrating Larry Adler's Centenary

Larry Adler, world famous mouth organist, raised the harmonica to an orchestral instrument. His extensive repertoire of classical and popular music included his own compositions and those written for him by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Malcolm Arnold, Darius Milhaud and Arthur Benjamin.

In celebration of his extraordinary life, photographer Gary Italiaander, who was a personal friend, has written this amazing book that includes previously unseen portraits as well as memories by his colleagues, family and friends.

In millennium year, Larry Adler was included on a list of 100 of the most famous people of the past century.

Best known for his musical genius, his avocation was writing. Besides his autobiography It Ain't Necessarily So (Collins), Jokes & How to Tell Them (Doubleday) and Have I Ever Told You... (Delancey Press) he was a prolific, witty columnist for several publications.

Well known musicians including Sting, Sir Elton John, Kate Bush, Cher, and Jon Bon Jovi took part in the award winning CD,The Glory of Gershwin, produced by Sir George Martin in celebration of Larry's 80th birthday.

"...for me it was wonderful to work with such a legend". Sir George Martin

"...Larry had agreed to perform at Carnegie Hall... I was there in the wings, open mouthed like the rest of the audience". Sting

" amazing artist... a fantastic character - Larry was both". Julian Lloyd-Webber

"...he was the Heifetz of the harmonica." Itzhak Perlman

Gary Italiaander is a renowned photographer whose portraits hang in homes, offices and palaces around the world. The Italiaander Gallery was based in Harrods and Gary's mentor is his artistic father Michael. A friend of Larry Adler, Italiaander has created this book specially for Larry's 100th Anniversary year.


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Publication date: 12 June 2014
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