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Publication date: 1 June 2015

A FICKLE WIND by Elizabeth Bourne

Showcased in The People's Book Prize: buy, comment and vote A Fickle Wind

A rags to riches story chronicled initially through the eyes of a child born into war torn Britain who refused to accept that the lackluster life she knew would be all she could possibly expect.

The escape route was via Canada, where the impossible seemed possible and her hopes were nourished and thrived. A page turning journey with strong characters strewn with joy, sorrow, laughter and tears; a compelling first novel.

Inspirational: when you don't know where to turn and difficult challenges are blown in by a fickle wind, hold on for dear life and you will weather the storm. You will awaken one morning to an azure, cloudless sky, and a zephyr will gently stir the leaves and open your heart to a new beginning.


Elizabeth Bourne enjoys travelling and family life with her two daughters and grandchildren. She lives in California and Canada. With uninterrupted time now on her hands Elizabeth decided to fulfill her long-time ambition to be a writer. This is her debut novel.

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Painting by Peregrine Heathcote Jane Huxley has been recognised by Dame Beryl Bainbridge as "a clever and ingenious novelist", by Simon Cowell as a "compelling writer" and her work compared to F. Scott Fitzgerald's (Daily Express, London).

Huxley's remarkable new novel unfolds against the backdrop of an elegant suburb of Lima, Peru, as well as the lush cotton fields of Cochabamba and tells the story of a tumultuous love affair between a man and woman whose lives become entangled in an enthralling, yet dangerously complicated way.

In the spring of 2014, an English freelance journalist, Stefan Larsen, is commissioned to write an article about San Marcos University. While engaged in this assignment he meets Coral, the wife of an aristocrat and wealthy cotton magnate, an encounter that will become a personal odyssey and change a hitherto harmonious existence.

A deeply moving tale of love, desire, rape, loyalty and betrayal.

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Hardcover: £11.99

978-1-907205-23-1 printed

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You can also visit the "A WOMAN NAMED CORAL" Facebook page at:

"This is a thrilling, cleverly constructed story of love distorted by jealously. A fast and compelling read".
Dame Beryl Bainbridge DBE

"Huxley writes with great insight in this razor-sharp exploration of the dark side of human relationships."

"A compelling read".
Simon Cowell
A women Named Coral

You can buy A WOMAN NAMED CORAL from
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